Step One

how to build a website or blog

1. Start a free Wunce account

This is the first step in creating your WordPress website using Wunce.

2. Then you can set things up…

Here’s an example of what can be done using WordPress from a Wunce account.

In this video I’ll show you how to setup your online shop…

(You’ll note it says West Wales Web… yes, that’s us, we’re the proud creators of Wunce)


“I want you to succeed – save you time and money and help you get online with a website that you own. Think about it… a Facebook Page is a great thing but you don’t own whatever effort you put into making it work for you. Facebook does. Use FB to drive your tribe to your own website where you get to manage it the way you want to and they get your best.” – Ken Mahoney, West Wales Web, for everything you need, all in one place using our Wunce platform.

In the next session, I’ll show you how to create your new website from scratch.

I’ll be posting video tutorials and bringing you links to the best-curated resources that will ensure you can create the best site for your needs with optimum display and functionality on any device.

3. Next steps…

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